Monday, November 19, 2007

To infinity and beyond!

This whole library 2.0 thing is pretty exciting... the idea of libraries actually using technology to their advantage and reaching out to customers through the web is what I'm all about. Instant messaging, social networking, all different types of websites. This stuff is fun and it's what libraries are turning in to. There's no more room for being afraid of technology. This is what our customers want. They're applying for jobs online, talking to their friends online, getting directions to their next destination online, booking their travel and storing their information... all online.

I'm excited for what I hope will be the new training opportunities that are going to foster this change. I'm hoping to attend a bunch of fun new trainings on little ways we can start transitioning our library more and more to a culture that reaches out to its customers through the web. It will take a while to catch on, but I think once it does, our customers will happily respond and it will catch on like wildfire.

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