Monday, November 26, 2007

22 - My love for downloadable books

While podcasts are not my cup of tea, I'll rave to you for days about how I love downloadable books. I think I mourned the loss of NetLibrary for a week when we discontinued our subscription. I guess our customers haven't caught on to its greatness, but Overdrive just simply doesn't cut it.

I tend to travel a lot because I'm an old, restless soul and everytime I go somewhere, I download a book to my mp3 player and by the time I get back, I'm done with it. Whether I'm going by car, plane or (rarely) train, I always manage to finish the book because I get so wrapped up in it. Maybe it's because I loved the magic carpet in kindergarten when the teacher would read to us for a half an hour. Haha. Oh, childhood memories. Either way, though, I wish people would catch on faster. Audiobooks are so much easier to deal with, you can't lose them, you can take that tiny mp3 player with you anywhere.

Can you tell I love these things? Can we please have Netlibrary back? Please?

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