Monday, November 26, 2007

23 - I'm done

Well. 23 Things was a positive exercise for a lot of people who were afraid of technology. I think it encouraged people to play with different websites, different forms of technology, etc. and realize that they weren't going to break anything. It took the fear away, which was SO fabulous. A lot of my coworkers are so much less afraid and more apt to take a chance and just try something new rather than panic.

However... I think 23 things could have been improved in a lot of ways as well. It was far, far too long. Too long to the point that it was discouraging. For people like myself who have grown up with these websites, it felt very close to a waste of time, especially when we were swamped with work at our branches during the whole process. Also, much of what 23 things required of us had no direct connection to what we do every day. It's wonderful that people are now comfortable with playing with technology, but that could have been achieved with a much shorter program that was perhaps more focused on our day-to-day work.

Overall, though, I think the push toward being more comfortable with technology within the library system is a fabulous thing and I support that 100%.

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